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The History of Hessle

Hessle may have been a Viking Settlement, though the Manor of "Haisell" is recorded in the Domesday Book as having been given by William the Conqueror to Drogo Debeverer, Lord of Holderness. The next owners were the Stuteville family, Lords of Cottingham, from whom it passed by marriage to Hugh Le Wake in the reign of Henry III, from there it passed to the Holland Earls of Kent. Eventually the Sykes family became Lord of the Manor.

Above: Maps of Hessle from 1800 and 1927. Click to enlarge.

Hessle village in its current form developed in the area created by the enclosure of the three open fields in 1792-6. Further development took place in the 19th century due to the arrival of the railroad in 1840 and the abolition of turnpikes in 1873 (the route from the ferry to the village was a turnpike, charging a toll to those who passed, as were the road to Hull and Beverley).

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